Welcome to Our Web site
This site has been created for our residents, potential residents, citizens of Strafford County and the general public to welcome everyone and learn information about Riverside Rest Home, which is Strafford County’s nursing home. 
- Thank you, Raymond Bower,
Nursing Home Administrator
Welcome To Our Home 
The residents and staff of Riverside Rest Home wish to extend you a warm welcome. We are pleased that you have chosen to join us and hope that you will soon come to feel that you are special to us as you make this your new home.
We realize that you have been faced with very personal and difficult decisions in choosing to join us. We also recognize that change requires adjustment and we encourage you to ask questions so that we may help make this transition as easy as possible.
This information has been prepared for you to use as a guide to help understand how our home functions.  We have attempted to provide you with as much information as you will need, however if we have not, more information may be obtained by speaking with our social service department.
We believe that this is an outstanding home, and we take pride in the wonderful reputation that we have earned through the years. We appreciate that you have confidence that we will provide a comfortable, safe and supportive environment. Please let us know if there is anything that we can do to better meet your individual needs.
Description Of Our Home
Riverside Rest Home is a 215 bed Medicare and Medicaid certified Nursing Facility owned by Strafford County. The home has served the citizens of Strafford County since 1867. All of our Residents live here on a permanent basis, and all share a common need – they all require care that is unavailable or impractical in a less restrictive environment.
The nursing home is a place for the staff to provide you with this care. Our staff members are trained to offer tender loving support, encouragement and professional care.
The present facility consists of two buildings, connected by an enclosed walkway.  The older building was built in 1971 and newer one opened in 1978.  Both were designed to meet the modern trends in long term health care.
Most of our rooms are for two people and have a hospital type bed, privacy curtain,  sink with counter space, 3 drawer dresser, and a wardrobe.
The newer building contains the business offices, staff offices, rehabilitation department, activities department, hairdresser,  and social services. Our dining and activity areas are spacious, with large windows that allow for a bright pleasant sunlit environment. Riverside is made up of six residential units and two of the six have courtyards that provide our residents the pleasures of the outdoors in a secure and private setting. 
Our goal is to provide an environment that is safe, comfortable, supportive and provides you the opportunity to live your life to its fullest. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to be of service to you.
Our Mission
Our Mission is to ensure that quality, individualized long term supportive care is available to the citizens of Strafford County.
Our goal is to promote an enhanced quality of life, by providing a safe, caring homelike environment that gives individuals opportunities to maximize their physical and personal well being. We respect and promote individual choice and dignity.  

Contact Info

Strafford County,
New Hampshire,
259 County Farm Road,
Dover, NH 03820