The Strafford County Courthouse building will be open to the public.

For the purposes of preventing the spread of COVID-19, all persons entering the building should:

Self-screen for COVID-19 signs and symptoms. If anyone reports symptoms they should not enter the building.

Business should be conducted in a remote manner, if/when possible.

Anyone reporting household contact to someone with COVID-19 (in the past 14 days) should not enter the building.

Business should be conducted in a remote manner, if/when possible.

In accordance with the New Hampshire Judicial Branch (NHJB), unvaccinated people should continue to wear a face covering although they are not required to. Applicable to all areas of the Strafford County Courthouse.

Face coverings should be encouraged, NOT enforced.

Vaccination status is an honor system.

DO NOT ask others about vaccination status;

Face coverings offered to everyone;

It is the choice of the individual to wear a face covering.

Operations such as Probation/Parole, Community Corrections, etc. will operate under their own authority regarding inquiry of vaccination status.

Electronic/Remote means to conduct business are still encouraged; however, business may be conducted in person.

Social Distancing and Hand Hygiene are encouraged but not enforced.

For specific information related to Court Operations such as: media coverage, jury trial protocols, electronic services, etc.

Please refer to the NHJB webpage with important information about the response to COVID-19. New Hampshire Judicial Branch - COVID-19 Update and Resources page (

                         Raymond F. Bower

Raymond F. Bower
County Administrator

Seal Marble

Strafford County Drug Court
259 County Farm Rd, Suite 103
Dover, NH 03820


Fax: (603)740-2955


Following a year-long pilot program, the Strafford County Drug Treatment Court commenced full-operations on January 19, 2006 after securing a Department of Justice grant for 3 years. The drug court is a specialty court program that connects non-violent, felony-level, substance-abusing offenders and NH State Prison Parolees who meet the same criteria, sentenced out of Strafford County Superior Court, to an integrated system of intensive alcohol and drug treatment in the community, combined with case management, strict court supervision and progressive incentives and sanctions.  By linking participants to treatment services, the program aims to address offender’s addiction issues that led to criminal behavior, thereby reducing recidivism, and protecting public safety. The drug court is designed to be a 12-month alternative sentencing program, divided into three phases, and followed by one year of probation. The drug court held steady with a range of enrollment between 40 and 55 participants and graduated 39 participants from the program and will have more than 50 graduates by the end of 2009. The drug court also opened its doors to high-end Misdemeanor level offenses that would otherwise warrant a jail sentence. The Strafford County Drug Treatment Court was the first adult drug court in NH.

As of August of 2009 the drug court has 56 participants and 5 graduates being supervised in their final year or probation.