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Strafford County Domestic Violence Project

Victim Assistance Program

Victim Assistance Coordinators assist victims and witnesses with the legal process by providing information and support and ensuring that victims are afforded all of the rights outlined in New Hampshire’s Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights.   Support begins as soon as a charge is brought by the police department and continues until the disposition of the case.  Victims and witnesses will need to appear in Court to testify should a case go to trial.  Many times, this is a new and unfamiliar experience for them.  In such cases, victim assistance can be most helpful in explaining the process and offering support throughout proceedings in court.

What Victims can Expect from Victim Assistance . . .

  • Timely notification of all court proceedings;
  • Honest communication in response to questions about their specific case or the legal system in general;
  • Consistent support throughout the legal process;
  • Careful consideration of their wishes with regard to disposition of the case;
  • Respect for each victim’s personal situation and regard for their safety.